So I finally got the papers from the embassy…

For the past two weeks we have been optimistic and fooling ourselves into believing that from now on it would be smooth sailing. I mean, they wouldn´t approve our petition for a fiancée visa if they didn´t think that we´d definitely make the final cut, right….. WRONG.

We already knew that there would be an Interview in Stockholm and a medical examination, what we didn´t know was that apparently this is the easy part, but by no means the only part.

So the papers we have impatiently been waiting for, finally arrived today. But instead of it being a date for when I could get the interview, it was a list of different documents I had to bring, 5 forms that had to be filled in (several of which it seems we already submitted 4,5 months ago), and a list of medical examinations I need (including chest X-rays) and a long list of vaccinations I need.

Courtesy of the Internet

Courtesy of the Internet


Most of the things are easy enough to get, like a copy of my passport, birth certificate and police certificates. The only issue might be getting it in English. Hopefully they have a nice and easy English print out version, that I can just go get, if not then I have no idea how to do that.

`Evidence of relationship´ should be a no brainer, with 4 visits in a year, several Skype chats a week averaging 3-4 hours, daily mails, actual old school love letters, photos, joint blog, Facebook and twitter account, not to mention that our story will either be a part of a Danish docu-series following 7 couples for 7 years or a documentary of its own.

3 passport photos, that sounds easy, but after falling into a post-reading depression and the subsequent puffy red eyes, I should probably wait at least a week before having those taken.

Like I said easy enough things, but then there are the forms….

There is the Application for Immigrant Visa and Alien Registration. Questions include: all the places I´ve lived for 6 months or more since I was 16… that´s 21 freakin´ years, All employment for the last 10 years and All educational institutions attended.

Then there is the Non-Immigrant Visa Application. Well, honestly that one is actually pretty easy.

We´ll fast forward to the Medical examination questionnaire. Where they ask me to list dates and reasons for any previous stays in hospitals in chronological order, and regarding diseases not requiring hospitalization to list type and duration plus name and address of attending physician (at least it´s not including child´s diseases, and common colds and influenzas). Honestly I don´t even know where to start, and I´m scared to death that I might forget something and that´s going to be the reason we get at big fat DENIED. Well at least I have the choice to pick between 2 physicians so, usual waiting time in DK taken into consideration, I shouldn´t have to wait more than a couple of months. On the upside that should leave me with plenty of time to give my mom the full 3rd degree about my medical history.

And then there´s the vaccinations…. Mumps, Measels, Rubella, Polio, tetanus and diphtheria toxoids, Pertussis, Influenza type B, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis A, Rotavirus, Meningococcal, Pneumococcal, and Influenza. Some of these I don´t even know what is, and apparently neither does Google Translate. Obviously there are some I already know I won’t need, either because I already have been vaccinated or because I´ve already had the disease, but good God that is a looong list of chemicals they want to shoot me up with. There´s a good chance I´ll need GMO labeling after that.

Hatchetface from the movie Crybaby, courtesy of the Internet. I´m aiming for being as cool as she is, when the start using me as a pincushion.

Hatchetface from the movie Crybaby, courtesy of the Internet. I´m aiming for being as cool as she is, when the start using me as a pincushion.

Then we have the `Evidence which may be presented to meet the public charge provisions of the law´. This basically means that they´ll look into my financialaffairs. I´m by no means a wealthy woman. I´ve moved in with my parents in order to save up money to live off until I can find a job when I´m in the states. Once again I´m scared that they´ll find my funds insufficient. I considered going to the track and see if I can make my money quadruple in no time, but somehow I don´t think a gambling addiction added to my medical history is going to be helpful.
Of course there´s the possibility of getting a sponsor which leads us to the`Affidavit of Support´. Obviously this is where my future husband comes in, but with him being a retired veteran a year away from graduating from college, he´s not exactly rich either, so maybe they won´t accept him as my sponsor. There´s no doubt that we would be able to live off his pension and my savings for at least that year until he gets a job, but what if they don´t see it that way.

All in all earlier today I was still in blissful oblivion thinking that it was all smooth sailing from here, now it´s red puffy eyes accompanied by a feeling that the Visa is further away than it ever was. Long distance really sucks when all I need is a hug from my love and to hear him say that everything is going to be all right.


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