Marriage advise that I now have and hope I will never forget.

I read an article about motivational speaker Gerald Rogers´ marriage advice in The Huffington Post today. I read it and immediately turned to his Facebook profile to read more. He wrote the piece on July 28th and since then it has been shared more than 350,000 times. In my opinion there´s nothing about this advice […]

Love letters

By Vibeke Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of a long distance relationship, or what kind of toll it takes on a relationship to go through the Visa application process? This post consists of two emails we sent to each other a couple of days ago. Ive been reading them a couple of […]

A never ending emotional roller-coaster ride

By Vibeke I just realized that it´s been 2 weeks since my last Visa application related post. Wow, time flies by when you´re having fun… I wish. The truth is I haven´t been having a lot of fun lately, let me just try to get you up to speed. On the 7th I got word […]

Smell you later

The daily prompt: Smell you later When Mike left the last time, he left a t-shirt for me. It´s one of those things we do. It started as a coincidence after his first visit in December where he accidentally forgot one, finding it a couple of days later in the laundry basket was the greatest […]

The Unequality of Distance

By Michael In this past month or two a lot has been happening with Vibeke and me in regards to our visa for marriage.  Just the other day we got more news; we got a date for her interview at the American embassy.  In about a month we should be going through last step in […]

The 23rd of June, 2013

We’re at the airport, I hate airports.  They are a source of awkward greetings and tearful farewells.  This time it is a farewell.  My mind is scattered in so many directions, but all I want is to stay here with her.  It feels like I’ve only just arrived, but I have to go. Getting my […]

Origin Story

The daily prompt: Origin story. We decided to do a joint blog adventure sometime around the end of the last visit. A drunken chat with a friend had rattled us in our faith that getting the Visa and thus being together forever, would not pose any serious issues. My friend who´s been through the visa […]

Beggars can´t be choosers

After a bit of research, it turns out I might have missed the mark on a few things regarding the papers I received from the embassy (If you didn´t already read my last post, here´s a link for it…. That is that the stuff I thought would be most difficult, actually seems pretty easy […]