Beggars can´t be choosers

After a bit of research, it turns out I might have missed the mark on a few things regarding the papers I received from the embassy (If you didn´t already read my last post, here´s a link for it…. That is that the stuff I thought would be most difficult, actually seems pretty easy and the stuff that I didn´t think too much of, might pose bigger problems than anticipated.

Starting from the beginning:

Getting the documents I need in English is as simple as going down to the office and ask for them. Honestly I already suspected as much before I started my research, but you never know.

Even the photos isn´t a problem anymore… I talked with Michael at 3am, and he gave me a mental hug and told me that everything would be fine, so I dried off the tears and put on a smile, and what do you know, after a good night’s rest and a few well placed slices of cucumber no more puffy eyes for me.

The forms are what they always were, a bitch. But it´s nothing that can´t be handled with a bit of time, effort and access to online medical records (and a really good memory).

The Affidavit of support is all taken care of, it seems that I´m a very likeable person and that people are taking numbers to support me… I really don´t like this part though. I don´t think it should be necessary for grown people to have sponsors, but it would probably be the same if I was a Doctor or something, and at the end of the day, if it´s what the government wants, then it´s what they´ll get.

With regards to the medical examinations and the vaccinations, I was WAY off the mark. Waiting times aren´t even half as bad as I had expected, this is the good part. The bad news is the cost of things. For the Americans reading this, this might be difficult to understand. But in DK we have public health insurance which means that we don´t pay to go to public healthcare practitioners (obviously we pay for this privilege through our taxes, so it´s by no means free as some people claim it is). As I mentioned in my previous post, I got a choice between two clinics for the medical exam, and a quick trip to their websites tells me that the examination, x-ray, blood-work to make sure I don´t have syphilis (I don´t), and all the vaccinations I need will set me back 6000dkr… that´s around 1.000USD (On top of that is the 400 USD it´ll cost me to go to another country for the Interview). They recommend that all that gets taken care of before the Interview, but in no way does it guarantee an approval. Basically that means that a person could spend more than 1000USD for something that they would never need, if they didn´t get the Visa…. I don´t know about you, but to me that´s a lot of money, and it´s money I would definitely much rather have spent on building a life with my man. Unfortunately we really need that Visa, so I already booked an appointment and warned my boss that I´m going to need a couple of sick days after I get all the vaccinations…

Well that was my rant for today, and you know what they say, beggars can´t be choosers.


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