Origin Story

The daily prompt: Origin story.

We decided to do a joint blog adventure sometime around the end of the last visit. A drunken chat with a friend had rattled us in our faith that getting the Visa and thus being together forever, would not pose any serious issues. My friend who´s been through the visa application process herself, enlightened us about a thing or two. A couple of days of worry later, I breached the topic of doing something pro-active. In a worst case scenario situation, I thought it´d be nice to have a backup plan.

So that´s what this blog is. Our backup plan.

The theory basically goes like this. If you want to influence big-time decision makers, you have to get media attention.

So how does one go about getting media attention in a country with 314 million people?

None of us are very experienced in PR, let alone skilled, but these days it seems that topics that gets attention on either Reddit, Buzzfeed or Upworthy are all over the `serious´ media the next day (like this story for instance).

So basically what we need is to get online social media attention. In a world with 1 billion websites (as of 2013) honestly this seems fairly impossible, but others seem to have done it so why not us… we have a cute story of how we met, and everyone loves a story of lovers overcoming obstacles before finally in the end live happily ever after. So we decided to make a blog and have it be a part of an already established community of people who have an interest in other peoples lives and thoughts.

There are some added bonuses to having this blog, that actually weren´t a part of the original thought process.

It´s a way of effectively documenting our relationship. We need this not only to convince the immigration authorities that we are indeed a couple, but also because we have friends and family on both sides of the pond who want to be kept in the loop.

It provides a sense of doing something. When we decided to do the blog we had waited 3 months to hear something regarding the status of our application. We had ups and downs, times of crazy optimism and times of thinking it was all pointless, and all the while there was nothing we could do but wait. It was frustrating and nerve wrecking to say the least. The blog was a way to fill up that time as well as doing something pro-active, we weren´t just waiting anymore we were turning it into something meaningful.

Starting a blog about a relationship when you´re one year in, brings it´s own set of problems to be dealt with. If we simply started at the beginning, the present would become ancient history by the time it was covered, we´d always struggle to keep up. So we decided to start at the beginning and then take one great leap forward to the present and move back and forth from there. Posts were written, some were published and some were saved for later according to plan. Then 2 weeks in, we received the wonderful news, that the first part of our application had been approved.

So much is happening now, forms to fill out, documents to get, appointments to make, finally getting a bigger apartment for us to live in once I get over there, followed by the mandatory mental decorating (yup, I´m a girl all right), looking for shoes and dresses for the wedding, getting ready to sell the remainder of my things (if anyone´s interested I have a sewing machine, some lamps and a really nice `only worn a couple of times´ coat that will be great for fall). I sometimes find it difficult to keep up, like a marionette puppeteer whose strings are all tangled up. But we´ll stay the course and keep positioning our troops to be ready for what we pray will never come… the worst case scenario.


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