A never ending emotional roller-coaster ride

By Vibeke

I just realized that it´s been 2 weeks since my last Visa application related post. Wow, time flies by when you´re having fun… I wish.

The truth is I haven´t been having a lot of fun lately, let me just try to get you up to speed.

On the 7th I got word back from the embassy that I´m scheduled for the interview on Thursday September 12th. The interview is in Stockholm but I already knew that (and if you´ve been following us, so do you). What I didn´t expect was that the on going list of Visa application expenses keep getting longer and longer. Long story short, another $500 has been added, which was a bit of a chock. Another and far more concerning chock was the realization that I apparently have signed that I already have in my possession the documentation needed….

Here´s the thing… When you get the papers from the embassy, there are a lot of papers, forms and rules that you have to read, fill out and understand. The outcome of the application is going to be the single most important thing in your life, maybe just short of you being born. When you receive it obviously you´re going to be very excited, but you´re also going to be very stressed out by the overwhelming number of things that you have to do and remember. So when the time comes where you realize that you only have to send a couple of forms and a copy of your passport, you´ll get so relieved that you put the pedal to the metal and haul ass to get it on the way. That´s what I expect you´ll do, cause it was exactly what I did, and now I´m scared to death that the officer, I have the interview with, will deny the visa because of this small slip.

I´ve mentioned in previous posts that we had fooled ourselves into thinking that the rest of the process would be easy, that we were past the frustrating part of waiting for an answer. But now I see that that part was actually the easy one. The not knowing and waiting was frustrating, yes, but it has been replaced by fear and stress. Fear that some small mistake will be the end of it.

The stress comes from trying to get all my ducks in a row, booking plane tickets to go to the Interview, getting time off work and booking a hostel. I´m collecting documents, and depending on others to understand the importance of getting things to me in a timely fashion (not to mention signed by a senior officer and in English), and constantly remembering stuff that I had forgotten, and hoping that I didn´t forget anything crucial. Even though everything so far seems to be going according to plan (well besides that one little slip), it´s getting to the point where I´m even stressing in my dreams, hurrying to get somewhere, and waking up exhausted.

And it´s not just me, as my wonderful husband to be, wrote in this post, it´s not easy for him either and sometimes it feels like the only thing we talk about is visa related stuff.

But fortunately it´s not all bad, there are some really awesome things that has happened:

I went for the medical examination and got my X-rays taken earlier this week, and everything is in order. I even got out of there with only 2 needle marks in my arm. One from a blood-test, and the other from the only vaccination that was age appropriate. As you may remember, I was expecting to get at least 7 vaccinations, but I ended up only getting the MMR, which paradoxically was one I was sure I didn´t need, since I´ve already had all the diseases. But it turned out to be cheaper to get the vaccination that I didn´t need, than it was to get the blood-tests to prove that I didn´t need it. On top of less needle marks, this turn of events also meant that almost $650 less got shaved off of the expense account.

We found this awesome website, that magically released a huge part of my stress. One of the major stressors have been that I had no idea what to expect from the interview. I didn´t know what they were going to focus on, how long the interview was going to take or what to expect from entering the embassy (might seem silly, but the thought of entering a Fort Knox like building with armed guards was really freaking me out).

My friend is coming with me to Stockholm, she can only stay for one day and probably can´t enter the embassy, but she´ll be there when I get out. I didn´t think I needed it, but the thought of having her there to either celebrate with me or to comfort me if things go south, really makes a world of difference.

We have finally set a date for the wedding and decided where we want to have it. Obviously nothing is set in stone yet, it´s hard to set a date when you don´t know when, or even if, you´ll be allowed in the country. If all goes according to plan I should be in the states by early/mid-October, so we´re planning the wedding around thanksgiving in the Smoky Mountains. When I visited him last fall, we went to the Smokies for a week, so it´s a special place for us, and with the exception of the hostel court-yard in Barcelona, I can´t think of a better place for us to say our I do´s.


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5 thoughts on “A never ending emotional roller-coaster ride

  1. I wish you all the luck I can send as I know exactly what you are going through! I had my worst nightmare happen when I had my interview in July – well almost my worst nightmare, as I was not denied and the process was not over, I just needed to provide some more paperwork. So I left the embassy feeling crushed but just had to get what they wanted. I am awaiting the result of that paperwork gathering tomorrow as the courier is delivering my visa (if it has been approved) or delovering the news of more stuff to get. I am hanging on for a good result but after the delays and letdowns I am nervous to let myself hope. This may not sound like an encouraging comment, but what I will say is – just keep going. Form filling is expensive and heartbreaking at times, but just give them what they want and keep at it. I wish you well and will follow your journey. xX

    • Thank you, I´m so scared that the same will happen to me, that there´s some small thing that didn´t seem important, and things get delayed because of it. But right now I feel like I´m pretty much on top of things. But man, this whole process is taking it´s toll.
      I´m so happy for you that you´re done with all that 🙂

  2. Oh, I will be thinking of you during your embassy visit. We were there in the beginning of June, and I had the pleasure (sarcasm) of walking around the area outside while my wife was inside for her interview. gaaahh. It was stressful for us both!

    So, you will be in the Smokeys?! Asheville, where I live is on the eastern edge of the Smokeys!! Wow!! You’ll be right nearby. 🙂

    Good luck with the waiting right now. Hope you both are getting some sleep!

    • Thank you. Unfortunately Mike´s in the states when I´m doing the interview, but my friend is joining me and get to do all the outdoors pacing, I´ll be inside pretending to read 😉

      I think we´ll be right in tourist central in the Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge area for our wedding, that´s where we went in the fall (we rented a nice little cabin on the top of a mountain 🙂 ) I think that, with the exception of Iceland, it´s the most beautiful place I´ve ever been.

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