The big day

I haven’t been updating for a while. Getting ready for the visa interview has taken all of my energy, and whatever precious spare time I’ve had has been spend decompressing. But in the next week or so I will backtrack a bit and tell you about what happens in the final stages of getting ready for an interview.

But today I have something entirely different for you. Today I’ll let you know how the interview itself went. That’s right today was the day I  were to find out whether my dreams would come true or my heart would be broken. 

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been really nervous. Well scared might be a better word for it. I’ve been so scared that they would find some small (or big) thing that we would think insignificant, and that would be the end of it. You hear so many stories of people being turned down, about people who have to wait a really really long time, and about people who just don’t make it. Who end up throwing in the towel because of the stress this process puts on their relationship, or are forced to live in a country home to neither of them. You hear these stories and you think what makes us different from them? 

Fortunately it turned out that we didn’t have anything to be scared about, we got the Visa. That’s right we freakin got it 🙂 I don’t know what made us succeed where so many others have failed. Maybe it was all my hard work that payed off, maybe it was the present memory of 9/11 and Mike being a vet. Maybe it was the look on my face when I told them about how we met. Or maybe we just got lucky and the lady was in a good mood.

So how goes it feel. Honestly I’m not really sure yet. I don’t really think it has sunken in just yet. I mean I’m happy and once in a while I catch myself with the biggest grin on my face thinking about it, and there were poorly containers tears at the embassy when the lady told me the visa was approved. There were tons of jumping up ad down and hugging my friend Annette who was waiting outside the embassy. But after that was was mostly a weird vacant feeling. I’ve spent the last months with constantly having some pressing matter to attend to, and all of a sudden it was all over. And I found myself not really knowing what to do with myself. But every 30 minutes or so it hits me and I turn to Annette and say something along the lines of “Hey, do you know what just happened today?” she’ll say “No” and I’ll say “I just got a visa!”  “Really” she’ll say, “I don’t think you told me that, when did that happen?” Some variety of this conversation has probably happened 10 times in the last couple of hours.

Today is the morning after and I still feel like this. You’d think that an event that’s going to be so entirely life altering should leave you with a more profound feeling afterwards. But I know it’s only natural, that some events are just too big to fathom.

Right now I’m on vacation, I’m enjoying a couple of well deserved days by myself, with nothing on my to-do list but relaxing. I assume that once I get back and start a new to-do list to organize the moving and saying goodbye to friends and family, it’ll slowly start to sink in. But i don’t think it’ll really hit home before I’m there with him with all my stuff, just going about living every day life. Then one day a couple of months in we’ll look at each other and say “Holy shit.”


4 thoughts on “The big day

  1. Well done! It is so great to hear! As one of the ones who did not get my visa on the day, it was all down to what paperwork they wanted. I had prepared for years for that moment and had gone over everything, and when it came to it, it was something that they had not asked me for through the years I had been dealing with the NVC and would have had if I knew it was an issue. I am so glad you did not have to go through any delays as it is heartbreaking at first.
    It takes a while to sink in so I know how you are feeling – I am so happy for you! It is fantastic news! Yay!

    • I can’t Ben imagine working on getting a visa for years, for me the last 60 days have been all I can take.
      I was missing one thing though, it’s not a big deal though. I had brought a copy of my birth certificate in English and the original in Danish, but I hadn’t thought to bring the original English version. Well that’s the one they wanted, so I just have to throw that in the mail on Monday and they’ll start processing the visa. And I should still have it in a couple of weeks.
      But it is a bit of a problem that they’re not terribly specific about what they want. And even their own guidelines can differ from one version to the next, for instance the ones for the affidavit of support, we have two different versions (the one they sent me, and the one mike found online along with the form.) and they have different requirements for what documentation is needed. My approach has been to get everything they asked for, anything I could find online and anything I could think would be even remotely relevant. This means that I brought copies of my bachelors degree ect, and since mike’s still in college, I brought lists of available jobs in his field, just in case they’d doubt his ability to get a job once he finishes his degree.

  2. Congratulations!! I know exactly what you mean about feeling empty afterwards. You spends MONTHS getting everything together, and put all of your hopes and dreams in one basket, and suddenly it’s over. the outcome is amazing – and still, it feels so surreal and normal all at the same time. I am SO EXCITED for you & your love!

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