This is the story of a US veteran and a danish woman meeting in Barcelona in the summer of 2012. Our once in a lifetime summer romance turned into a long distance relationship and a once in a lifetime love. We´re getting married in the fall and are currently working on getting a Visa so we can be together in the states.

Throughout the last year we have found that people seem to think that we have the most amazing story and completely fall in love with it. Honestly it´s a bit hard for us to understand what all the fuzz is about, after all we´re just two people who met and took a chance on each other, just like every other couple.

Some random facts:

One of the first things we bonded over was our mutual love of punk rock music, and especially the band The Vandals got talked about a lot in the first couple of days. As a little side note, the song F**cked up girl by said Vandals reminded me of Michael right off the bat, it also happens to be one of my favorite songs by them.

The second great bonding experience was over movies and the fact that we both have weird oddball personalities and a tendency for tongue in cheek wise assedness (I don´t think that’s a word, but I hope you get my drift).

Skype is our best friend. We Skype chat at least 3 times a week for a couple of hours. Besides that we send each other emails and Facebook messages, and we usually have a Wordfeud game going.

Michael is a US Air Force Vet. He served 7 years and was deployed 3 times. As a result of his service he now has PTSD and TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury), But besides it screwing with his memory, I hardly notice it at all. He´s currently studying to get a bachelor in GIS and has a passion for science and space. When he was a kid he wanted to be an astronaut, now he´s settled for following Mars landings and reading sci fi novels.

Vibeke is a former Roller derby girl with a bachelors degree in Architecture. She doesn´t remember what her childhood dreams were, but right now she wants to be a photographer. She is interested in politics, economics, women´s rights and sociology. In her own words the `quote´ that best describe her (she made it up herself) is “Of all the roads I could have traveled, I took the muddy one!”. Also she is the self-proclaimed master of awesome links.

This is what we look like

This is Michael (left) and Vibeke in Copenhagen, June 2013.

This is Michael (left) and Vibeke in Copenhagen, June 2013.


6 thoughts on “About

    • I think you might be right. I won´t just be adjusting to life in America and a life far away from my family and friends, together we´ll have to get adjusted to being husband and wife, to being together instead of apart, additions to our family (dogs or kids)ect, the next several years should provide with plenty of material. I hope you´ll stick around for our journey:)

  1. I am so glad you two have found each other. I have known Mike for years, and it is about time that he has found someone that loves him as much as he loves them. I can’t wait to see what the future hold for you two.

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