Love letters

By Vibeke Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of a long distance relationship, or what kind of toll it takes on a relationship to go through the Visa application process? This post consists of two emails we sent to each other a couple of days ago. Ive been reading them a couple of […]

The Unequality of Distance

By Michael In this past month or two a lot has been happening with Vibeke and me in regards to our visa for marriage.  Just the other day we got more news; we got a date for her interview at the American embassy.  In about a month we should be going through last step in […]

The 23rd of June, 2013

We’re at the airport, I hate airports.  They are a source of awkward greetings and tearful farewells.  This time it is a farewell.  My mind is scattered in so many directions, but all I want is to stay here with her.  It feels like I’ve only just arrived, but I have to go. Getting my […]